Julie Klaper's Portfolio
Alef (Dependable)Bet (Conscientious)Gimel (Doing Good Deeds)Dalet (Truthful)Hey (Fair)Vav (Virtuoso)Zayin (Shining)Chet (Wise)Tet (Perceptiveness)Kaf (Sincere)Yood (Friend)Lamed (Scholar)Mem (Gust of Wind)Noon (Energetic)Samech (Tolerant)Ayin (Fearless)Pey (Open For Conversation)Tzadik (Giggling)Koof (Cool-Headed)Reysh (Compassionate)Sheen (Serene)Tav (Contributor to the Community)
A Journey
I want to change what I don’t like
I want to build on what I do well
Appreciate the positive
I can be a better me
Right the wrongs, including mine
Accept myself and those around me
But not what has to change
Understand the difference and the different
Learn to lead and follow
Reach out
Be embraced
At peace
Savor the day
Open my mind
Scare away my fears
Drink, then let it all pour out

This series was inspired by my study of Hebrew. A Jewish convert, I am contemplating celebrating my Bat Mitzvah by my sixtieth birthday. Learning the language is part of the process. The Hebrew alphabet is rich with meaning. As I studied my letters, I wanted to make them more relevant to me. I found twenty-two words, each beginning with one of the letters, that was an attribute or goal I want to achieve. Personal evaluation and improvement is an important part of the religion, not limited to just the high holidays. This series is forcing me to reflect on where I am and where I am going.
There are twenty-two prints, each paying tribute to the legacy of the language and what I hope to be my own.