Portfolio > Size Is Just a Number

After questioning the purchase of a size 8 short, a size I could not fit into 15 pounds and 30 years ago, I was given a brief history of "vanity sizing" by a friend. This is a ruse by women's clothing manufacturers to ignore the weight we have added, because we are still wearing the same size clothing as our waistlines have expanded. My inquiry led me to look at other issues regarding women's body imaging, from eating disorders to the role of media and Hollywood stars. The deceptions we are getting on many fronts have encouraged and allowed us to deceive ourselves.
I have sought non-traditional venues to display this work, allowing it to be viewed by larger audiences than a traditional gallery setting. I have also developed a lecture to accompany the exhibit. The dialogue continues on this topic and I update my information accordingly.
The installation consists of eleven dresses, machine embroidered and appliqued, from size "Sub 0" to 16. Their embellishments reveal the various factors that influence what we see in the mirror and on the bathroom scale.