Julie Klaper's Portfolio

As an artist, I am inspired by the generations of women who have used the same processes that I am incorporating in my work to create utilitarian items for their families. We now revere these items as art. Many indigenous cultures did not even have a word for art but the items they fashioned, such as clothing, utensils and baskets, had an aesthetic that honored the task for which the pieces were created.
Fortunately, I live in a society that is far different and my creative energies do not need to be devoted to items that are necessary for survival. However, these pieces still influence me. The clothing, containers and coverings that I make are not utilitarian but still provide a means to convey a message, a thought or an emotion. I create them with traditional materials such as fiber and thread but also alternative things like wire, plastic tubing and found objects. The subjects are very personal but also universal. I realize that I am not alone in dealing with these issues and expressing these sentiments. Their production has provided me comfort and comfort to those who see them.
My work connects with the women of the past and will hopefully be a bridge to the women of the future. My work provides me with a place in time.