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Experience a hurricane from a distance.  A fun game for the whole family.
Hurricane Matthew Game
edition of 10
20" X 20"

Our area had not been hit by a Hurricane since Hugo in 1989. I wanted to create a piece that would reflect our experience during Matthew, the fall of 2016. We evacuated and as our island population regrouped a few days after trees were cleared and water had receded, everyone had a story to tell. The game includes these experiences, such as running out of gas, no power, returning to retrieve a ninety year old mother and a very nice person who provided the keys to his wine cellar for those who chose to stay. We did stay last fall for Irma, which seemed less threatening. We had not damage with Matthew but a different wind direction resulted in flooding through our window this time. We were glad we stayed to mop up before any serious damage. Irma was a Cat 1. Would not stay for a
Cat 2