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Life Lines
Life Lines
Hand embroidery on fabric
22 X 27

This exhibit's theme was "lines." I assumed that most artists would work off of lines as defined as marks on paper. I used another definition, as in lines referencing a string of words. I find that I am using verbage more often in my work. I also am careful about how I title my pieces, often using double meanings, just as I did with Life Lines that more than just name the piece but help define it. This work has many layers of meaning. The red embroidery flows through the piece, like a vein. Each line of blocks represents a different stage in life and the quotes in each have sayings appropriate to the different ages. The blocks are not quite connected, referencing that the words they contain can unite as well as divide. The back ground is inspired by a quilt pattern, something we associate with life events, from birth, to weddings, to sometimes a shroud. The piece defines the life cycle.