Portfolio > Folk Art

Peruvian Antique belt
fiber, estimated several hundred years old
44" T mounted
pair of Peruvian knit caps
18" T with stands
Vietnamese Muong collar
German Silver
Child's hand embroidered coat
15" T with stand
Saint's dress Peru
indigo dyed, hand stitched
10" T
Japanese child's indigo coat
21" T with stand
New Guinea? carved mermaid
painted wood with grass hair
41 " T
Pair of African Wedding Aprons Each 21" T
leather and beads, includes rod
21" T
Ethiopian Cross
German Silver with wood base
Three panel screen, silk, Gutta resist dyed
75" tall, panels are each 19" wide
Pam Adger wall piece
mixed media
26" T
Influenza   Jim Vogel
0il with custom frame
21" Wide
Ronnie white pen and ink drawing
Important inmate artist
12" T
Mark Miller untitled
Mixed media
78" long, mounted
William LaMirande Noah's ark
28' W X 22" T
Molly Potter sculpture  Image #1
clay and wood
33" T
bill and Jayne Harris easter bunny
carved wood, hand painted
14" T
Bill and Jayne Harris brown and white cow over moon
carved wood, hand painted
13" T
Bill and Jayne Harris Humpty Dumpty
carved wood hand painted
Bill and Jayne Harris Framed cow and moon
carved wood hand painted
10" T
Bill and Jayne Harris "Doctor Feelgood"
hand painted on wood
14" T
Bill and Jayne Harris snake on wheels  image #1
carved wood hand painted
Bill and Jayne Harris B/W cow jumping over moon
carved wood hand painted
13" T
Bill and Jayne Harris Jonah and the whale
carved wood hand painted
9" T
Rare antique log cabin baby/doll quilt
excellent condition, some stains
30" long
Carved wooden shore bird
wood, 50+ years old
39" T
Inlaid lodge cane dated 1916
carved from one piece of wood
35" T
lodge cane detail
carved from one piece of wood, mother of pearl inlay
twig art magazine rack
wood, excellent condition
28" T
Antique miniature wardrobe dated 1703 on inside of door
wood, wallpaper, fiber, beads
14" T
Wood maiden head, from old ship
carved wood
Mounting is 23" T, piece is 18" deep
wedding spoon dated 1822
carved from one piece of wood, custom box
spoon is 7 1/2"
Jerry Erdahl mixed media box
hand is ceramic mold for glove making
21" T
Wood Horse head
one ear edge is rough
15" T
pig banks, 29 total includes shelf
clay, varying finishes, styles and size
Rare cat and dog piggy banks
cat has chips on both ears
"Naughty" 3 pottery jars
tallest is 5"
Five Miniature Jugheads first of two photos
price is for all ten
tallest is 3"
Sid Lauck umbrella stand
rare form
30" T
Rare wig stand Sid, Matt and Jason Lauck
clay, three faces
9" T
Ceramic mailbox Sid Lauck
clay, rare form, ready to mount
14" long